30+ Songs About Strong Females to suit your Female Power Playlist

Songs about strong women can be fantastic.

As a wise girl once said, “Who operate society? Ladies!”

Women can be a crucial section of culture. Besides the apparent explanations (such as the simple fact that our anatomical bodies can endure childbirth), we’re smart, powerful, and determined. Some sort of without women isn’t a world after all.

Not surprisingly, women are continually at a disadvantage. Typically,
women make 82 dollars to every dollar that males make
(it is also lower for women of color).


from the leading Fortune 500 organizations,
less than 5per cent are running by ladies
. You’ll find nations in which it is unlawful for females to choose, head to school, or even drive a vehicle.

However you know very well what? Regardless of all of this, we’re additionally undertaking a lot better than ever. An average of,
66percent of females graduate college
, when compared to 60% of males. Nearly 47per cent of women have become inside staff also. We’re trying for equality and therefore are generating good progress.

Often we want a reminder of exactly how strong we are however. This is where tunes about strong ladies may be found in. Whether you’re
going through a breakup
, having trouble in the office, or simply should be reminded of just how much of a #womanboss you might be, listed here are 34 of the finest tunes about strong ladies to help you feel a lot more empowered.

Songs About Intense Females: The Top Selections

1. Operate the whole world (Women), Beyoncé

Favorite Words:

Boy I’m sure you love it

The way we’re wise enough to create these hundreds of thousands

Strong enough to bear the kids, young ones

Subsequently return to company

2. Confident, Demi Lovato

Favored Words:

What exactly is completely wrong with becoming positive?

3. Jesus is actually a woman, Ariana Grande

Favored Lyrics:

My one, when all is claimed and completed

Might believe Jesus is actually a lady

4. I AM GIRL, Emmy Meli

Favorite Lyrics:

I will be girl, I am courageous

Im beautiful, I’m divine

I’m irresistible, I am creative

Honey, you will get in line

5. No Scrubs, TLC

Preferred Lyrics:

No, I don’t want no scrub

A scrub is some guy that can’t get no love from use

6. Combat Track, Rachel Platten

Favorite Words:

This might be my fight song

Take back my entire life song

Show I Am alright song

7. Easy On Me Personally, Adele

Favored Lyrics:

Get simple on me, baby

I found myself still a child

Failed to get the chance to

Have the globe around me

I’d virtually no time to choose

What I decided to do

Very get effortless on me

8. Roar, Katy Perry

Preferred Words:

I got a person’s eye of the tiger, a fighter, moving through fire

9. More Powerful, Britney Spears

Favorite Lyrics:

My loneliness is not destroying myself no further

I, I’m stronger

10. no tears kept to weep, Ariana Grande

Favored Words:

Ain’t had gotten no tears during my human anatomy

We went away, but man, I like it, I like it, I like it

11. Skip Independent, Kelly Clarkson

Favored Words:

How it happened to overlook Independent?

Not need to be defensive

12. Just a woman, Definitely

Preferred Lyrics:

Oh… I’ve had it up to right here!

13. Harmful Girls, Ariana Grande

Favored Lyrics:

Somethin’ ’bout you can make me personally feel just like a dangerous girl

14. Sorry Not Sorry, Demi Lovato

Preferred Words:

Child, i am sorry (I’m not sorry)

Becoming so very bad had gotten me feelin’ delicious

15. Perfect Remix, Beyonce & Nicki Minaj

Favored Lyrics:

You get up, flawless

Post up, flawless

16. S&M, Rihanna

Favorite Lyrics:

Cause I could end up being bad

But i am completely great at it

17. thank u, then, Ariana Grande

Preferred Lyrics:

One instructed me personally love

One taught me personally perseverance

And another taught myself pain

18. Woman, Kesha

Preferred Words:

I am a motherf*cking lady, infant, alright

I really don’t require a person to-be holding me too tight

19. You never Very Own Me Personally, Grace & G-Eazy

Favored Lyrics:

Never tell me what direction to go

And do not tell me what things to state

20. Can Not Be Tamed, Miley Cyrus

Preferred Words:

I am not a blunder,

I’m not a fake,

It is occur my personal DNA

21. abcdefu, Gayle

Favorite Lyrics:

I became into you, but i am on it today

And I also had been tryin’ as nice

But absolutely nothing’s getting through, very i’d like to spell it out

22. Firework, Katy Perry

Favorite Words:

‘Cause, infant, you are a firework

Come on, reveal ’em what you are really worth

23. Do Not Cha, The Pussycat Dolls

Favored Words:

Don’t you desire your girl ended up being hot just like me?

Right want your own gf had been a freak anything like me, anything like me?

24. Increase Your Glass, P!nk

Preferred Words:

So elevate your glass if you’re incorrect

In all suitable means, all my underdogs

25. About That Bass, Meghan Trainor

Favorite Words:

I’m providing booty back!

26. We Are Never Reconciling, Taylor Swift

Favored Words:

Our company is never ever ever before fixing the relationship

You choose to go speak to your buddies, speak to my friends, talk to me

But our company is don’t ever actually ever ever before getting back together

27. Problem, Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, Big Sean

Favorite Words:

I know you are never going to wake-up

We gotta stop trying

But it’s you!

28. Cash, Cardi B

Favored Words:

I found myself produced to flex (Yes)

Expensive diamonds to my neck

29. Stronger (How Much Doesn’t Destroy You), Kelly Clarkson

Favored Lyrics:

How much doesn’t kill you can make a fighter

Footsteps even lighter

Doesn’t mean i am over give you’re eliminated

30. Girl Anything Like Me, Little Blend & Nicki Minaj

Favored Words:

I broke a few minds that I put on back at my arm

31. 7 bands, Ariana Grande

Preferred Words:

You want my hair?

Gee, thanks! Only bought it

32. Happier Than In The Past, Billie Eilish

Preferred Words:

You demonstrably were not conscious you made myself miserable, ooh

So if you actually wanna know

As I’m far from your

I am more happy than before


Preferred Words:

This is the end of the thirty days additionally the week-end

I’ma invest this check, everything on myself, yeah

We’ma advice myself personally, We’ma spend it on myself

I’ma drop it want it’s flowing, We’ma put it on myself

34. Lady, Doja Cat

Favorite Words:

Baby, worship my hips and waist

Very feminine with grace

I touch your heart whenever you notice me say

“Boy, let me end up being your lady”

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You need to Feel Empowered!

Whatever state of mind you’re feeling, the greatest tracks about strong females can help you to feel empowered! Whether it’s a
unfortunate really love tune
or one of
the absolute classics
, women empowerment tracks can get you hyped and determined for the day forward. It is an ensured woman energy booster!